The Great Barrier Reef is fighting for its life

Our Australian and Queensland governments are failing to protect the Reef from massive and rapid industrial development.

What they want is more ports, more dredging, more dumping and more shipping going through our world-class marine park.

In Queensland's Gladstone Harbour, inside the World Heritage Area, millions of cubic metres of seafloor are being dredged up and dumped to create shipping channels.

Were you asked? Were you told?

No! - not even UNESCO's World Heritage Committee were told. So, last year they came to investigate.

UNESCO's response? Unless something is done to stop the destruction, the Great Barrier Reef is at risk of being placed on the 'in danger' list in 2013 - the World Heritage 'list of shame'.

Did it stop the momentum?

No! Within months of UNESCO's visit, the federal government conditionally approved a multi-billion dollar expansion of the Abbot Point coal terminal, near Bowen in Queensland - even though the Queensland Government's own analysis show the state's major ports are only operating at half their capacity.

We cannot let our politicians do this. It's not their decision to make. The Reef belongs to you and me and to all Australians.

What you can do

September 14 is our next federal election, so now is the time to let our political leaders know that we, as proud Australians, are not going to stand for this level of environmental damage.

We need your help to raise $250,000, to mount one of WWF's largest ever campaigns to ensure our political leaders make the Great Barrier Reef the most prominent environmental issue in the lead up to the federal election.

And, to win a commitment from the next Australian Government to:
  • stop the fast-tracking of port developments without environmental protection
  • commit to a plan to protect the Reef, its corals and its marine animals.

With you, and all our WWF supporters behind us, we will win this fight - for the Reef, for Australia, for the world.


Join WWF's 'Fight for the Reef' campaign and for every dollar you give, the Thomas Foundation are giving two dollars.

Your gift will have three times the impact.

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More ports, more dredging, more dumping and more shipping through this World Heritage Area could cost Australia - and Australians - our Great Barrier Reef.

Yes, I want to fight for the Reef.

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