Will you help to safeguard the future of the planet?

You are one of 7.5 million inspiring Australians who have shown support for action on climate change by participating in WWF’s Earth Hour. The symbolic act of switching off your lights remains a powerful visual statement to our political leaders that we are concerned for our planet. Because of you, we are on the path to a more sustainable future.

As an Earth Hour supporter, your pledge is an important step in the journey. But there is still so much to do. Australian species are being set down a path to becoming climate change casualties. From the unique Carnaby's black cockatoo to our iconic koalas, extreme weather events are burning down their homes and extinguishing their lives. Our wildlife is facing a grave future.

The impacts of climate change also threaten jobs, agricultural production, water supplies, industries, human lives and, ultimately, the survival of entire ecosystems.

Your commitment to our amazing planet has never been needed more.

What you can do

Our reliance on high carbon fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas is over-heating the atmosphere and affecting the climate.

A sustainable future is possible. Growing renewable energy in Australia is one of the key solutions, and we have plenty of sun, wind and wave power available.

But so much more is needed.

It's vital that we are able to articulate to decision-makers just how real, devastating and all-encompassing the effects of climate change will be.

Your help is urgently needed to convince current and future governments to support the growth of renewable energy and contribute to the global solution - and to avoid any risks of winding back Australia's commitments to the environment.

Your gift today is an investment in irrefutable evidence and the communication of simple, practical solutions based on solid scientific research. It is the most effective way to protect our precious wildlife and places from the impacts of climate change.

Will you take the next step?


Climate change affects all species - even humans

(c) Martin Harvey / WWF-Canon

Heavy flooding during rainy season

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