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Due to habitat loss and fragmentation, and major elephant-human conflict in areas where forest has been converted for agricultural use, the Borneo pygmy elephant is now in danger of extinction and WWF estimates that there are as few as 1,500 individuals pygmy elephants remaining in the wild.


The single most important cause of the decline of the Asian elephant has been the loss of habitat.


Over the last 40 years, Sabah, home to the pygmy elephant in Borneo, has lost about 40% of its forest cover to plantations and human settlement.

About Bod Thai the Borneo pygmy elephant

Bod Thai is a young female pygmy elephant from Borneo. Bod Thai's group of about 65 pygmy elephants lives in forest that is narrow, bounded by the Kinabatangan River, and heavily fragmented. Bod Thai represents all the pygmy elephants we help.

All our pygmy elephant adopters "adopt" Bod Thai so that we can share her ongoing story with you. We hope that by following Bod Thai’s progress in Borneo you can experience the challenges and successes involved in conserving this most beautiful and shy creature.

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can help to address the issue of land-use practices in Borneo
can help local communities pursue agriculture, forestry and other forms of land-use in a clearly planned and sustainable manner.
can help fund the protection and restoration of vital pygmy elephant habitat
can help secure core areas and forest corridors needed by the pygmy elephants

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Your pygmy elephant adoption pack will include:

Pygmy elephant adoption pack
  • A cuddly toy elephant
  • An adoption pack
  • Updates from the field


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Challenges and threats to wild elephants

adopt an elephant

Your pygmy elephant adoption pack will include:

  • An adoption pack
  • Updates from the field


(Pack contents may vary)


Challenges and threats to wild elephants

adopt an elephant

How you are helping the pygmy elephants:

  • Restoring habitats and restoring degraded biological corridors
  • Supporting the development of ecotourism, which improves the livelihoods of local people and links economic development with elephant conservation
  • Training and equipping anti-poaching patrols
  • Strengthening conservation laws and ensuring they are enforced
  • Reducing conflict between local people and elephants
  • Your support will also help fund other essential WWF conservation work around the world.

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